Stay on track to BEST YOURSELF with Small Rewards

Staying on track to BEST YOURSELF is tough!

Ever notice how a new piece of workout gear can get you into the gym more often and working harder?  As a very psychologically driven athlete, I’ve learned that rewarding small achievements can keep motivation high over the long haul.  No matter what your BEST YOURSELF goal is (a one-hour workout, a 10K run, a triathlon, a 15lbs weight loss goal) rewarding small steps keeps the dopamine (motivation-reward) chemical pumping through your system so you’re ready to do more of whatever grueling task you’re conquering.  Set a specific behavioural achievement marker (not an outcome like lose 5lbs) and plant that reward in your mind.  Be careful not to use food-based rewards as this can lead to a complete defeat of your long-haul goals.

Some small reward ideas:

  1. Spend $5 on itunes and get new workout music
  2. Sip a sport drink instead of water for your next workout
  3. Have a bath instead of a shower… earn it!
  4. Get a new headband for your workouts
  5. Plan Sunday morning to get a tea/coffee and go for a leisure walk with just yourself or someone you      really look forward to relaxing with.
  6. Have a glass of wine with dinner
  7. Pick up that novel you want
  8. Set a movie night – pick your movie for extra motivation
  9. A new piece of workout gear so that you WANT to do your next workout!
  10. Sign up for your BEST YOURSELF challenge – tough mudder, tri-a-tri, your first 10K, whatever your      next challenge is… make the registration your reward!

The best part of small rewards, honestly, is that you work so hard for the reward you’ve planted in your mind, whatever it is, that even a new toothbrush can feel like the most incredible trophy if you set your eye on it.

Stay on track with small rewards to stay on track to BEST YOURSELF.

Eirinn Boots – Originally posted on the GoodLife Fitness Blog 2013


3 thoughts on “Stay on track to BEST YOURSELF with Small Rewards

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