Amazing Motivational Trinkets

imageAmazing Motivation Reminders

Amazing how a small trinket can create HUGE motivation. After a long week, sometimes just getting your shoes on and starting your workout is enough to make you think you’ll Best Yourself. Once you get moving, every step, rep or heartbeat can feel like the last one you’ve got.

Today, every rep was echoed by the jangle of my FINAO tags, a constant reminder that Failure is Not an Option. Crushing my workout today and keeping my mind on my PB for 5×5 RDLs, I couldn’t help but notice after my final rep that although the lighting was low, and my energy was drained, my FINAO tags were like a beam of light in the mirror. Made me smile. Walked away from the bar with more energy than is reasonable after a 5×5 session… every step after that last rep put a little more jangle in those tags and every jangle made me just a bit more satisfied with a killer Friday workout.
Know your Best, Challenge your Best, Best Yourself.


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