Play your BEST of TIMES to get you through the TOUGHEST TIMES

DJ E-Z RockEver notice the immediate change in your mood, energy and stress levels when a song comes on that makes you want to broadcast “This is my Jam!”?  A few weeks ago, a playlist came up that pumped out 3 songs that distinctly reminded me of youthful days of University (and maybe some days in highschool).  I was immediately transformed into that crazy lady who is dancing while driving.  I also forgot that I can’t sing and suddenly became an absolute star in the soundproof bubble of my car .  This immediate transformation of mood gave me only one option: make a new workout playlist.

Second to scents, audio is a top trigger of memories and all the emotions that come with them.  Anyone who’s been through a breakup knows just how crushing it is to hear “our song” afterwards.  But let’s look at better ways to use this connection.  You’ve all set goals to BEST YOURSELF.  The achievement of these goals takes a lot of focus and, let’s face it… a lot of hard work, pain, suffering and sacrifice.  What better way to get yourself through the toughest times than with a playlist made up of songs from your best times?

Whether it’s powering through a killer workout, or a rehab program that is so mundane you wish you were suffering through a killer workout, a playlist of good-times tunes can bring a bit more to your session.  Maybe your goal is to lay off the late night snacks or to give up an after work drinks.  Either way, a best-of-times playlist can help you bring your endorphins (happy chemicals) up and ward off the need for substitutes.  You might even start dancing – bringing out some of those great moves.  Just don’t try climbing onto the speakers in your house or workplace!!

Lesson of my day: use your BEST of TIMES playlist and the power of audio-emotional association to get you through the toughest of times.  Choose your songs wisely or you might have your headphones in and be the only person who can hear the music you are bustin’ serious moves to in a public place!

Thought about sharing my playlist however, my Best of Times are going to be different than yours.  Find your own Best of Times to BEST YOURSELF.


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