Create a Winning Day

today cancelledIt’s a high expectation to Best Yourself every single day. But securing a personal ‘win’ every day is absolutely within reason, you jut need to know how to score points. We all have bad days. No way to bluff on this. Sometimes the best we can do is open our eyes in the morning, or so it seems. And sometimes at the end of the day, we close our eyes feeling like we just haven’t made any forward progress. However, no day has to be truly wasted. It is within your control to win every day, to Best Yourself with small steps.

Ask yourself this simple question: What one thing needs to happen in my day, every day in order for me to consider the day a win?

Maybe that’s not such a simple question. Take some time and really think it through. Identify one action that you must take each day to secure a point towards your Best Yourself goal. Stack up a few point-making plays to a maximum of THREE. Be serious about things that matter to you and that you have control over – keep it simple and build up momentum. I suggest starting with one winning point until you’re on a winning streak and then move to the elite leagues with 3.

Make sure you evaluate your list of point-making plays regularly. I suggest re-evaluating monthly. There is something about a fresh calendar page that states “game-on!”

Some examples of daily point-making plays:

Your Best Yourself is a physical performance goal
Eat 3 meals that meet my meal plan criteria
Complete a workout that will result in performance gains
Be in bed by 10pm

Your Best Yourself is a business venture
Learn a new piece of information about a competitor/ same product provider
Contact one person who shares an interest in the product or cause
Practice one skill that will prepare me to Best Myself/ execute my plan

Your Best Yourself is a personal growth goal
Read one article that addresses one personal growth point
Complete one personal challenge exercise to grow my skills

No matter what your massive Best Yourself goal is, no matter how far away that finish line is ever day and every small step is a win as long as you’re better than you were yesterday. (Reality check… There is no finish line when you are working to Best Yourself).

Know what a daily win looks like. Make your point-scoring plays part of your daily routine to establish winning habits. Close your eyes at the end of the most grinding day and check off your small wins. You’re in charge. Best Yourself.

~Special thanks to my little sister for challenging me to share my daily victory philosophy with her which in turn inspired this post.


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