Tiny Steps Lead to Massive Impact

small stepsSo you have this idea. You want to do something HUGE. You want to make a massive impact. you have found a passionate cause to pursue. You are ready. what’s your next move?

Sometimes massive goals and big dreams can be so energizing that we plan and plan the end-game and then get stuck on, well… how to play.

Any big goal achieved is a sum of small steps (unless your goal is to win the lottery and you win on your first ever ticket purchased. And even then, you took many small steps to get to the store, fill in the little bubbles and then go back to scan your winner). You get my point.

As you set your massive Best Yourself goals, start checking off your steps:
Do I fully understand WHAT I want to accomplish?
Do I know WHY I want this? (Passion fuels perseverance)
Who is already doing parts of this or similar things?
– How do I get involved with those people to learn what is already happening/working?
– How can I use these existing organizations/ individuals to start building my credentials/network in the existing community?
What additional skills do I need?
– Who can I work with to get mentoring/internship opportunities for these skills?
– What steps can I take (books, courses, webinar, workshops, practice) to build and hone these skills.
What/ who is my target.
– How do I access these people/events to get my face and name out there and to explore the current environment.

Some of our biggest goals are fuelled by passion and often a lack of experience or knowledge in the field of pursuit. Take tiny steps daily to build up your dreams. Your road map should include a lot of leisurely pit stops to accumulate and acclimatize.

If your Best Yourself goal is sports related, look for other successful athletes who have accomplished your goal or something similar and ask them to share the experience leading up to the event. Explore the lessons they learned so that you don’t have to learn them yourself. Understand the big challenges they faced and how they dealt with them. Ask them for suggestions on others to speak with or events that you should participate in to ramp up to your big goal. Obviously, get your shoes on and get out of the blocks. Start playing the sport at some level. Figure out your next level of advancement and you’re on your way.

If your Best Yourself goal is entrepreneurial, look for opportunities to get involved. Reach out and volunteer with existing organizations in your area of interest. Reach out to media sources and start contributing to media content to build awareness of your passion and cause. Start exploring and captivating the audience. Work hard to network. Be the first to ask for a coffee date. Ask questions and be curious about those you interact with. Discuss your topic and gather points of view and opinions. Test the waters with small buckets and before you know it, your ocean of dreams will be filled and you’ll be standing out looking at the beauty of accomplishment.

Huge goals are overwhelming. Take it one step at a time. Continuously ask yourself: am I one step closer than yesterday? If the answer is yes… You are on track to Best Yourself!


3 thoughts on “Tiny Steps Lead to Massive Impact

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