6 Questions to Coach Yourself to Best Yourself

See your 10/10 and move to action to Best Yourself.

See your 10/10 and move to action to Best Yourself.

Nobody other than you has the answers to unlock your motivation and potential. A great coach asks questions. Sometimes these questions are shared in dialogue, sometimes they are presented in the form of a physical challenge that silently asks “how far can you go?”

Teaching yourself to challenge yourself with 6 key coaching questions will transform your dependency on others into a very powerful ownership over your own progress.  These 6 key questions are derived from the Solutions Focused Coaching model.  Finding solutions for your own progress is a mighty motivational tool and a life skill that can applied to any situation you want to change.

No matter what your challenge, barrier or goal is, work through these questions to figure out what move you need to make next to stay on target to Best Yourself.

Grab a blank piece of paper and get to work!

1. What am I trying to change/solve? (ie. What’s the issue?)

2. If I change/solve this, and my situation is a 10/10 (perfect) how will I know?

  • What will I be doing that I’m not doing now?
  • What is the end-game I’m looking for?

3. Knowing what a 10/10 looks like, where do I currently score on the scale?

4. That is working already that got me the points I have right now?

  • How did I get 2 points to be a 2/10?
  • What are some situations/scenarios that ARE working for me?

5. What positive behaviours and values do I possess that have helped me get the points I have earned?

  • I’m doing something right what personality variables are driving those behviours?  (determined, passionate, caring etc)
  • What’s kept me going up to this point?
  • What positive values do I have that have stopped me from just throwing in the towel?

6. What action(s) (maximum of 3) can I take today to move me one point closer to my 10/10?

  • How can I do more of what I’m already doing right?
  • What situations/environments can I leverage that are already working for me?
  • What new behaviour am I ready to add in to the mix to push me forward one point?
  • What behaviour would someone who is __reference the personal values you listed earlier__ exemplify in their next steps?

By now, you should have 1-3 small actions you are ready to take to move forward towards your goal.  These actions should be immediate however there is one last question you need to answer for yourself: “How am I going to add in these next steps?”  You will need to schedule in new behaviours and ensure you are truly ready to execute the small steps you committed to.

The most important person to keep a promise to is yourself.  The easiest person to break a commitment to is yourself.  The only one who knows when let yourself down, and when you Best Yourself… is YOU.



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