One Learning Point Today… Everyday… = 365 Lessons Each Year

A lesson a day = daily progress and fewer repeated mistakes.

How often have you thought “if only I’d known then what I know now”?  Or, how recently have you reflected on how much you would have appreciated the time you had in your youth if you’d known what you were getting into while you rushed to ‘grow up’?

Take these points as a call to action.  Every day you have an opportunity to know what you didn’t know yesterday and to reflect and appreciate your current situation.  All too often we are headed full-steam ahead without taking notes to tally our learning points and become stronger, smarter and more able to contribute to the things and people we affect.  We get caught off guard because we don’t connect the dots until there are so many that we’ve allowed a black-hole to develop.

I challenge you start a journal.  Find one that has 365 pages.  Use a blank full-year day planner if that suits you.  Every day gets its own page.  You are going to record 5 points on each page.

#1. What is the one most important lesson I learned today?

#2. What is my commitment to change my actions to utilize this lesson going forward?  (so I don’t have to learn it again later)

#3. How will this lesson & behaviour change impact my progress towards my personal goals?

#4. Who else will be impacted by my new knowledge and actions?

#5. When is the next opportunity I will have to use this lesson and challenge myself to behaviour change?

Some of these can be tough to answer at first.  Your goal is to acknowledge how you can use a learning point from today to be better tomorrow.  Challenge yourself to understand the impact this lesson will have on your goals and the people you interact with.  And finally, set yourself up for success by determining when you will have an opportunity to test your new skill and challenge your new behaviour.

Imagine the impact you will have on your own growth by following through with this project.  By ensuring that you don’t get caught off-guard at the end of a year realizing that you wish you’d known then what you know now.  You have an opportunity to Best Yourself every day by taking 5-10 minutes to check in on what you know now, that you didn’t know this morning.

Every day can be filled with excitement and personal challenge as you look for opportunities to use your lessons and prove that you’re one step ahead.

“Imagine the greatest amusement park you went to as a kid, now imagine nothing like it and a million times better. That’s where we are.” – Nick Campbell – The Internship

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