Share One Lesson – Fill Someone Else’s Toolbox

Fill someone's toolbox and build your personal accountability to Best Yourself.

Fill someone’s toolbox and build your personal accountability to Best Yourself.

Recently, I put out a challenge to start a notebook with 365 pages and to write down one lesson you learn every day and analyze how you will change your behaviour so you don’t have to make the same mistake(s) and learn the lesson again.

Just yesterday, a colleague who is struggling with time management asked me “how do you get all of these things done?  What tools and systems do you use to keep you organized?”  And the punch line: “you always have everything structured and seem so on-top of things!”  Before I started to answer the questions, I gave myself a personal high-five for successfully pulling off the “duck-on-the water” illusion (appearing to glide effortlessly along the water while paddling frantically under the surface).

After answering his question and providing him with some of my key tools his response was “I should have asked you earlier.”  This got me thinking about how we can use our personal 365 lessons to stock someone else’s toolbox before they actually need the tools.

Sometimes the best way to execute on a commitment is to create accountability.  What better way to create accountability than to tell someone else how you do things or are going to do things, because of a lesson you learned?  Once you tell someone about these commitments you’ve made, behaviour patterns you follow or actions you are going to take, you pretty well have to follow-through.

On the flip side, the person who is learning your lessons and gaining insight into your tools and tactics is becoming better equipped to deal with these situations when they come up.  They won’t have to learn the hard way.

Some lessons are very personal and writing in you Lesson-A-Day journal is sufficient to move you forward.  However, I bet that there is at least one lesson a week that you could comfortably share with others to help them grow and to hold yourself accountable to the changes you commit to making.

Whether you have a blog, twitter, facebook, instagram or carrier-pigeons, I urge you to pick one day a week where you will share one lesson from the previous week with at least one person.  Share your 5 points to reaffirm your commitment to change for yourself and others.

One of the greatest ways to Best Yourself is to grow others around you.  Knowledge is of no use unless it is shared.

My lesson from this week:

If I share my lessons and strategies more often, I can help people grow faster than if I wait until they ask for help.  I’m committed to sharing my tools and strategies more frequently and not just when asked.  One of my biggest goals is to grow and develop others to meet their full potential in business, sport and life.   By sharing lessons more often, people around me will be more efficient and focused leading to better results in our business, better relationships with people who are less stressed and ultimately more success in everything they do.  I have an opportunity to share tools, strategies and lessons all the time.  I’m starting right now.

Click here her to review the tools to set up your Less-A-Day Journal:  One Learning Point Today… Everyday… = 365 Lessons Each Year


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