What’s IN Your Bucket?

Check what's already in your bucket.

Check what’s already in your bucket.

Do you have a bucket list? That list of things you want to accomplish before you kick the bucket? Most of us do. We have a catalogue of things we want to accomplish to feel like we’ve really lived. This list is usually full of personal challenges, experiences, and impactful contributions we want to make.

When you’re questing to Best Yourself, it’s easy to consistently look at the things we want to do next. We are hard-wired to face the next challenge without taking inventory of what we’ve already achieved. Every time we cross off an accomplishment, we add a new challenge to our lists.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve had some impactful conversations that have made me come to realize how much we have to gain by slowing down and taking stock of what we have already crossed off our looming bucket lists.

Life is shorter than we’d like to believe. However, we have a much greater impact than we allow ourselves to acknowledge. Take a moment and check your account balance: what’s in your bucket already?

I challenge you to list the top 10 things you have achieved, experienced or completed in your lifetime, already. Expand on these events by asking the following questions for each of your 10 accomplishments.

–       How did I grow from this?

–       Who else has been positively impacted by this experience or my growth from this experience?

–       How has this impacted my relationships?

–       How has this enhanced my career success?

–       How has this shaped my sense of self?

–       How has this achievement impacted my personal motivation?

–       What other challenges has this achievement allowed me to take on?

–       How have I shared this experience with others?

–       What if I’d never done this?

I bet your bucket just got pretty full (if not overlowed)! How are you feeling about what you’ve accomplished? Do you feel like you’ve had a positive impact on the lives of those around you? Are you motivated to cross of the next item and add it to your bucket? I thought so!

So, what’s next?

Enjoy the experience, inventory the impact on yourself and share your growth with others. Above all, take the time to check your bucket. There is always more to do. However, your personal strength, where you stand right now, is built on the experiences that you have already had and the challenges you have already conquered. You’re stronger than you think!



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