You can’t win ’em all. Turn a set-back into a comeback!

Don't get hung-up on a missed attempt.

Don’t get hung-up on a missed attempt.

You set a goal, you took the leap, you fell short… Now what?

Any degree of failure can be instantaneously discouraging. So, when you miss a mark, it’s critical to acknowledge that you took a huge step forward just by making an attempt at your goal. Many people are paralyzed in their growth by a fear of failure that is so strong that they won’t even try to take on a challenge. So, you win step one just by trying.

Step two is to break down the components of your challenge and determine where you fell short. You didn’t fail at the entire challenge, there are certain points of execution that held you back. It’s critical to pinpoint the gap(s) and zone-in on the points where your focus will now have the greatest impact.


Three key steps in breaking down your shortfall and planning forward:

  1. Write down each component of your challenge (each specific skill and behaviour).
  2. Score yourself on your execution of each component in your most recent attempt to Best Yourself.
  3. Identify the clear skill or behaviour gaps (lowest scores) and set a clear and specific plan as to how you will improve your execution on this point. Enlist the help of others when needed.

Step three is to put your new plan to work. Schedule your specific actions to ensure you follow your path for improvement. And set a date for your next attempt at your Best Yourself challenge. Deadlines create urgency and  the motivation needed to get to work on your plan.

Always remember that you set your challenge for a reason. Take time to revisit the personal significance of achieving your goal. When you miss a goal, it’s okay to get frustrated, disappointed and angry as long as you use that fuel as motivation to step back up and take on your challenge, take on yourself and Best Yourself.

Declare your challenge & Share your plan



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