Influence Club: By Invite Only

Intentionally select your Influence Club members to increase your personal success.

Intentionally select your Influence Club members to increase your personal success.

When you’re looking to up your game – look around you. Specifically, evaluate your circle of influence. Jim Rohn stated: “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” So, if you want to raise your average performance, improve your habits and Best Yourself, check the status of your entourage.

I’m not suggesting that you ditch your friends and family on the basis of up-trading. What I am suggesting is that you start to seek out individuals who excel in demonstrating the specific skills and traits that you want to improve on in order to increase your success. Selectively choose to allocate time to invest with these top individuals who will help you raise your average in specific areas. You may need to form more than one influence club to target different development goals.

Some examples:

  • If you want to increase your athletic performance, join an organized sports group at a level higher than you currently play. If you’re worried that you might bring the team down, this is exactly where you need to be. If they are all better than you, your average will increase!
  • When you want to get your day started earlier, make commitments to join someone in their current early morning routine (sunrise reflection walks, coffee at the corner café to review current business articles, or obscenely early morning bike rides). Choose someone you admire and whose opinion of you matters. You aren’t going to wreck their routine by not showing up, but they will notice and this will impact their impression of you. (Read: you are unlikely to stand this person up!)
  • If you’re goal is to start your own business, keep an eye out for people who have successfully launched a business recently and make plans to meet with them. You have found the right person(s) when it makes you a bit nervous to tell them that you are considering taking this step. When they take you seriously, you will start to take yourself more seriously thus increasing the likelihood of your success.

The power of your selected Influence Club will out-do your personal motivation and drive. This can be a win or lose situation depending on who you are choosing to be influenced by. Making commitments to participate in events with people whom you hold in high esteem can push you beyond your comfort zone and hold you accountable to a new level of success. This social influence and accountability factor can multiply your accomplishment exponentially. On the flip-side, engaging with individuals who are full of ideas and statements but lack execution can either paralyze your progress and hold you at their level, or worse, pull you back from your goals as you regress to their level. The key is to carefully select the members of your Influence Club and remember that you are choosing to invest your time with these people and be influenced by their skills, habits and views.

Invite selectively. Raise your average. Best Yourself.

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