Use yesterday’s win as a springboard for today’s challenge

springboardYesterday’s successes are your springboard for a win today. Whatever challenge you are taking on today, it’s a challenge you’ve chosen today because you are ready. You are ready to take a step forward, a step beyond what you’ve already achieved.

Take a moment and reconnect with the time you tackled a challenge similar to the one you’re taking on today.

  • Remember the focus you had that day
  • Revisit the conversation you had with yourself
  • Recall the energy you took into that task
  • Replay that mental video of your achievement

You have the tools to do this!

Your goal today is to take success up one notch. What’s the one thing that will turn up to result today? Make this simple. Yesterday’s successes have set you up to challenge your best. Reflect right now on just the ONE thing that will enable you to Best Yourself today.

When you’ve figured out just ONE thing that will impact your performance, GO!

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