Winning is in the Habits

success habitsWinning doesn’t happen in just one day. We call that Luck. Winning and long-term success are the products of daily habits. Daily habits allow us to consistently perform the necessary actions that build the platform for victory. Having a solid foundation of productive daily habits enables us to achieve more with less energy while repeating actions that are essential to goal achievement.

Routine actions enable us to make fewer choices each day, which leaves more brain-power and energy for the impactful decisions and events of that day. This is one value of habits that is often overlooked. The more decisions you make in a day, the more you wear out your willpower. This can lead to careless decisions and ultimately, unconscious self-sabotage. This seldom shared lesson is the key principle behind the advice: Complete your hardest task first. For this reason, routines and habits can help you make better choices at the end of the day. This is specifically important when you are deciding whether you will or won’t complete a task that will keep you on track to your goals. For example, at the end of the day it is harder to push yourself to actually complete your workout, select and prepare a healthy dinner, complete a communication with a person of influence, the list goes on. When your day is full of routines and habits, you have more willpower and energy at the end of the day to complete tough tasks and those tasks seem more important and impactful (because everything else was routine).

So, what big goal are you working towards? What next marker are you aiming for to Best Yourself?

Check in on your habits and routines. Do you have a daily routine that includes the repetitive tasks/actions that are required for you to succeed with your goal? Are they really habits and routines or do you still debate with yourself if you’ll actually do them, today?  Are there current habits and routines you need to suspend? How will you step-up the habit factor?

Here are 5 key ways to establish and stick to necessary habits:

  1. Establish exactly what the action is that you need to habitualize – make a list if that helps.
  2. Link the importance of each habit to your desire to achieve your goals..
  3. Make it easy by deciding right now what time you will complete this task every day – make sure this makes sense based on your current daily demands.
  4. Check for barriers – what could possibly come up that would stop you from completing the task?
  5. Decide on your solutions – how will you face these barriers when they do come up? What’s your plan B to ensure you complete the task? Making this decision now = one less decision later.

I’m not suggesting that your whole day should be just a series of habits and routines. The goal is to progress each day and if everything is a routine of habits, that would defeat progress. It would also be a very boring life.

What I am suggesting is that you identify the key actions that need to be repeated to create a platform for your success, and that you plan to establish and execute a routine that ensures your key marks are achieved every day without taking up too much energy and willpower. This will leave you satisfied that your basic needs are covered , which will build some momentum on each day (small wins) and enable you to execute at a higher level with the energy and focus that you have saved by not having to make big decisions over routine actions. Seems like a great plan, right?

Now, review your goal to Best Yourself, establish the needed habits for success and build a routine that will launch you to victory.

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