Make Your Goal Bigger Than Yourself

Who else feels the ripples when you achieve your goals?

Who else feels the ripples when you achieve your goals?

No matter what your goal, one of the most common coaching questions is: why do YOU want to achieve this? More often than not, when we set a goal we are clear as to why we want it. We know what the accomplishment means to us and we are personally, internally motivated to succeed.

What about when our personal motivation starts to waver? What about the day when something in our personal priorities changes and suddenly the personal accomplishment isn’t so critical? While personal intrinsic motivation is critical to facing challenging goals, sometimes the goal is bigger than our personal grit supply.

I bet you’ve experienced this before: A huge goal that you were fighting tooth and nail for yesterday has suddenly been placed on the back burner today.  Sounds familiar, right?

How do you prevent it from happening again? You call in your troops to make your goal bigger than yourself.

Create your impact list and inventory your troops by completing the following 5 steps:

  1. Clearly define your next goal and get it down on paper.
  2. Write down 10 noticeable differences that you will experience once you have achieved your goal.
  3. List 10 people (your troops) who will notice these differences (think about your household, your workplace and your social circle).
  4. Beside each name on your list of troops, note 3 ways that your relationship with that person will benefit and be enhanced by the noticeable changes you have listed in step 2. This is your impact list.
  5. Review each person on your list of troops and the relationship change you can impact. Score the importance of each relationship enhancement on a scale of 1-10. Tally up your total score (max 100).

Whatever your score, this percentage is how much bigger your goal is than yourself. This is your platform for perseverance.   You are not doing this just for you. You have 10 people on your list who are hugely impacted by your decision to follow-through on your goal. You have personal benefits tied to the enhancements of 10 different relationships.

Skipping a workout is easy when you’re the only one invested. Skipping a workout when you’ve committed to being a healthy role-model for your 8 year old daughter and having the stamina to take on a hiking trek with your spouse is a lot less likely.

Investing in yourself becomes a lot easier when the ROI is linked to changes that impact people you care about. No matter what your goal, make it bigger than yourself. Link your BestYourself goals to your opportunity impact others and improve your likelihood of success.

Now, get to work on your goal!

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