For Best Results: Calibrate Daily

The Answer is NOT Blowing in the Wind!!

The Answer is NOT Blowing in the Wind!!

You know that thing you want. You know what it is that you are looking to achieve. Or, do you?

What if you could move through each day with such clarity that your conscious and unconscious actions would certainly move you forward in exactly the right direction?

We often move through each day with an idea of a greater goal that we are working towards.  We follow an agenda that we believe will move us in the right direction.  We accept that our daily conversations, interactions and decisions will move us towards our goals.  I wonder if this works while the winds of life are ever-changing, the destination possibly blown around, and the shift of daily tides may shift the course.

Without consistent re-calibration, it’s easy to get off course.  Worse, maybe, to hold true to a course that leads to a destination no longer the site of achievement; like arriving to find a ghost-town where you believed there to be a landmark destination.

Many people suggest that you should start each day with intention.  I agree.  I also know that many people restate a daily intention that isn’t calibrated to the current climate.  We are taught to be focused and clear, and so we stubbornly repeat the same daily intention without much thought.  Unconsciously, we put ourselves in a rut, repeating the same behaviours, not adapting to our current environment.

Choosing to set your intention each day requires a willingness to honestly evaluate the inconsistent landscape of life and to openly challenge the congruency of your goals and values.  This takes time and focus.  This demands a conscious decision to build daily habits for calibration.

Some questions to consider while calibrating your intention daily:

  • What are my top 3 personal values/priorities
  • What do I want for myself in the long-term?
  • What long-term outcomes do I want for others?
  • What future do I want for the relationship?
  • What do I want for myself today (personal result)?
  • What outcome do I want for others today?
  • How do I want our connection to change today?

With clarity of your personal values and desired outcome, work through how you would clearly sum up your desired long-term outcome.  With your long-term outcome calibrated, decisively outline your intention for today.

With two clear statements to start your day, check in with yourself to ensure that you feel excited to take action on the day.  If you do not feel motivated and focused, something is not congruent within your intentions.  Perhaps you don’t truly believe that today’s intended outcomes will put you on course to your long-term goal.  Or maybe you sense that your long-term goal isn’t in agreement with your personal values.

If you aren’t lined up, step out-of-line.  Move away from the exercise to complete a routine task while you give your subconscious mind time to sort through the inconsistencies. Once you’ve unwound, if you haven’t already had an enlightening realization that gets you lined up, sit back down and work through your previous answer set.  Truly question your own honesty and belief in the intentions you outlined.

If you still can’t find a clear intention that you are excited to take action on, take action… Get moving!  Move your body to move your mind.  Walk, workout, dance.  See what happens.  You’ll be surprised!  Some of our greatest progress is created in moments of movement!

Winning is in the habits.  With daily calibration as your first intentional habit of each day, you have a better chance of holding a true course towards goals that consistently match your values and greatest priorities.  With clarity of intention freshly calibrated, your focus on your desires for yourself and others will drive conscious and unconscious decisions that support the needs of today and your greater future achievements.

Don’t get caught blowing in the wind, rolling into your destination only to find that you’ve arrived in the middle of nowhere by way of untrue path or a GPS mis-entry.  I am notorious for getting lost while driving.  I have learned a lot from the lady in my GPS who is constantly “recalculating route” and who occasionally notifies me that my “location entry cannot be found”.              twitter: @bestyourselfca             facebook: BestYourself

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