Become an Unbondable Surface – Move Past Problems & Achieve Your Goals

UNBONDABLE 2Problems are sticky.  They cling on and weigh us down.  We spend countless hours and ridiculous amounts of energy worrying about problems.  We lose sleep, get sapped of our energy and do poorly in areas that are important.  Being stuck to a problem creates more, and often bigger problems.

Solution: Become an Unbondable Surface.

Imagine if problems couldn’t stick.  If you could take back the time and energy stolen by problems and redirect it towards the greater outcomes you want in your life.  Here’s your roadmap:

Detour to goals

Seriously though, grab a pen & paper and take a simple 5 step approach.

  1. Clearly set your sights on your goals. Write them down and make them as clear as possible.
  2. Identify real vs perceived problems
    • A real problem is one that must be solved somehow to ensure you achieve your goals
    • A perceived problem is a roadblock but is not a situation that requires specific solving to move forward. You could take a detour and still get to your goal leaving this specific problem unsolved
    • ***Immediately solve your perceived problems by concluding that they are solved – they don’t make a difference in you master plan – take a detour***
  1. Look forward at the actions you would be taking, if you weren’t tackling the current problem
    • Where would you be spending your time
    • What would your top priority focus
    • Who would you be interacting with
  2. Start doing the actions you outlined in step 3 – move past the problem to prioritize actions that will get you closer to your goals
  3. If the problem proves to be legitimately hindering your ability to complete the tasks on the other side of the issue (and not just distracting your because you’re still stuck on it – if that’s the case, go back to step 2), develop a solution plan.

Chances are, you’ve just moved past your problem by not allowing it to stick.  You’ve seen past the problem and moved on, making yourself an unbondable surface.  A moving surface is hard to bond-to.

If find in step 5 that you need a solution plan – follow these steps:

  1. Start with the solution
    • When this problem goes away, how will you know?
    • What is your picture perfect scenario when this problem is solved?
      • Who will be impacted?
      • What will you be able to see and hear?
      • What will you be able to do?
  1. List 5 actions you can take to solve the problem, and put them in the order you need to do them.
  2. List the names of anyone else who needs to be part of the solution.
    • List the actions those people need to take
    • Write down the action you will take to enlist each person’s help
  3. Take Action
    • Contact the people you need to enlist to get commitments
    • Take the actions you set-out in step 2
  4. Get your solution. You know exactly what it looks like, stay focused on the situation you are looking to create by solving the problem.  And be okay with a solution that doesn’t fit the mold but that gets the outcome you outlined in step one.

When you challenge yourself to not let problems stick, you consistently train yourself to look beyond the problem and start acting as if it doesn’t exist so that you can focus your energy and time on the actions that will move you closer to your goals.

Most of the time, you’ll move forward and past your problems.  They won’t stick and they won’t be able to keep up.  You’ll build an entirely new skill-set that enables you to breeze past problems and achieve more of your goals faster.

When a problem latches on and hangs-on for the ride, you’ll be able to recognize it as a true problem and effectively invest in a solution instead of allowing the issue to eat up your time, energy and ability to get to your goals.

Train yourself to let it roll off your back.  Become an unbondable surface and achieve more of your goals faster.


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