What’s REALLY Holding You Back

Fear of SuccessAre you hesitating to set a bigger goal?  Maybe you’ve set a goal that you haven’t yet truly invested in achieving.  Do you get flustered when you get pushed to try something new?  If any of these scenarios strike a chord with you, take a quick inventory of the stories you’ve been telling yourself.

  • I have a fear of failing, so I won’t take on a new goal unless I know I can achieve it.
  • I am very A-Type, I need to be fully prepared before I do something new.
  • I have goals that aren’t priorities right now, so I want to focus on the things that are more immediate before I distract myself with other goals.
  • Some of my big goals aren’t possible for me to achieve right now, so I’m not really serious about them, yet.

Has it ever occurred to you that your hesitation has nothing to do with a fear of failure?  Most of us aren’t afraid of our lives staying the way they are.  If we don’t make it to the next level, nothing lost.  However, fear of success can be paralyzing.  There is a lot of uncertainty that accompanies change.  When you achieve a bigger goal, the accomplishment automatically implies a new level of success.  Most of our big goals are not one-hit-wonder ‘bucket list’ items, they lead to a new standard of skill and possibility.  It’s rare that once you learn to ride a two wheeler bike, you would go back to training wheels or a tricycle.

So.  What’s really holding you back?  What would change if you achieved your next big goal?  What would you expect of yourself?  To what standard would others hold you?  What opportunities would become available to you?  Are you holding back because broadened opportunities would push you to stretch yourself further and drive more change?

Achieving your big goals will drive change in all aspects of your life.  Your relationship dynamics will change, and others might be trying to hold you back from those changes – again, change is scary for everyone involved.  Your career opportunities will change, and this may present chances for rewarding growth, but again requires change and risk.  Your social circle may expand and throw your routines off balance, again offering changes in relationship and personality dynamics.

So.  What do you have to win?

  • Improved sense of accomplishment.
  • Greater energy and happiness to bring to your relationships.
  • Career growth opportunities leading to personal development.
  • Increased networking opportunities broadening life experiences (because it’s not about what you know – it’s about who you know!)
  • Greater opportunities for a positive impact with greater connections and a stronger reputation.

Sounds like a rough go!

Change is scary.  Change is the only certainty in life.  Take control of the changes in your life by navigating your next steps forward.  Don’t hold back and stagnate, because holding the same standard over time will start to lose its hold and you’ll find yourself sliding further away from those big goals that you’re putting off.

Choose to change your fear of success into a pursuit of success.

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