Are You Showing Up or Just Making an Appearance?

Show-Up Meme
Are You Showing Up or Just Making an Appearance?

“This team really “showed up” for the game!” is how sports commentators often refer to a team that’s playing well.  To Show up means you’re showing 100% attention and 100% intention.

When you show up, are you both physically and mentally present?  Are you creating the best opportunity for your presence to make a positive impact?  Have you ever considered that showing up physically but not mentally could be more damaging than not showing up at all?

You’ve got big goals.  Your success inevitably depends on the contributions of other people.  When you need something from them that contributes to your goals, have you built up enough of an account with them where you have been present to contribute to their goals?

Most likely you have been in the presence of someone who doesn’t contribute a lot to the situation and who evidently would rather be somewhere else.  You are aware of what it feels like to know that someone could help you with something you need but they aren’t on their best game in that moment and you miss out on the support, coaching or affirmation that you expected.  In some relationships, this has probably happened as a one-off, in others it has become a pattern where you have come to expect a physical presence with minimal value.  This may be a meeting that you attend where there seems to be no specific agenda and the organizer floats through the time with no clear purpose.  You may have friendships where you’re spending time with someone who is nodding while you speak but seems to be off in la-la-land.  This may be your partner who is distracted with their gadgets to the extent that time together has become physically sitting in the same room with minimal attention to being mentally present.  Whatever the situation, you’re likely now able to connect with the feelings associated with being on the receiving end.

There are a lot of situations that call for our presence in life.  Your decision to show up both physically and mentally needs to be a conscious decision.  There are events where our presence is mandatory and others that are optional.  However, it is always our DECISION as to whether we show up.  Consciously deciding to show up means that you give the other parties involved 100% of your attention and intention.  No matter what the situation, being fully present will allow you to contribute to your own success and the success of others.

It is ALWAYS your decision to show up.

When a meeting is called on a topic that you don’t see value in, by someone who has a track record of running unfocused meetings with a vague agenda, decide to be fully present.  Being 100% present in this meeting will allow you to ask questions and contribute to the clarity of the meeting while adding value to all parties involved.  When you are 100% present, you can take your conscious and deliberate feedback to the meeting organizer to ensure future meetings are not a waste of your time or theirs.  Wouldn’t you want some clear feedback from someone who was 100% present in your meeting so you could do better next time?

When you personally book a meeting of any type (personal or business), determine your clear purpose of the meeting and show up both physically and mentally.  This is how you will build great relationships.  This is how you will get your best personal results.  Share your purpose with others to keep everyone present.  Be on point when listening to others speak and determine what you can add that will be of value for them.  Build trust from others that you will be consistent in delivering feedback, asking questions and providing guidance anytime they are in your presence.

Being truly present will help you when you are not fully prepared.  We all get bogged down from time to time.  We may be the person who books a meeting with a clear purpose and doesn’t get a chance to prepare for the meeting.  Be open and honest with the purpose and intention of the meeting and ask for input as to the best ways to reach the needed outcome.  Be 100% present to give feedback and ask questions about the contributions others provide.  When you have a track record of being fully present, others will be present with you.

If you can’t be 100% present, you might as well not be present at all.  Big words but… Most often, you will do a greater amount of damage than good by being physically but not mentally present.  You will miss out on your opportunities to provide value for your own goal achievement and the success of others.  You will develop a reputation where others expect you to be present without value.  You will give others permission to be un-present when they are with you.  All of these outcomes combine to moving away from your goals, diminishing your relationships and setting others up to fail.

Check in on how you are doing with being 100% present.  Are you truly showing-up or are you just making an appearance?

How will Show Up today with 100% attention & 100% intention?


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