Do You Have the Right Stuff?

cropped-final-small3.jpgI’ve read it, heard it and witnessed it in action: the idea that if you want to take your success level up a notch, you should get the stuff that would represent you at the success level you want to achieve. Get the car, the watch, the shoes, the bag that will represent success and you’ll grow into them, successfully.

While working in a coaching session with a colleague I ran into an interesting statement that got me thinking about this. We were discussing a time that she had lost something that had meaning to her. She had gotten something special and lost it the same day. In working to understand the situation, the meaning she had attached to the object and her coping mechanism, we uncovered an interesting point. She stated that she took the approach ‘if I was okay without it yesterday, I’ll be fine without it tomorrow. No big deal’. This, coming from someone who has big goals and is feeling stuck. In reflection, she realized that she has taken this approach in many situations throughout her life. She has also projected this rationale onto her family’s requests for commercial items she sees as unnecessary. She’s framed herself as very practical and responsible. Reminder: she has big goals and is feeling stuck!! Hmm.

I wonder if in order to get unstuck and move forward, you need to have some stuff that you didn’t have yesterday? When you’re holding status quo with your personal belongings, appearance and knowledge base, can you really be moving forward to a new level of accomplishment?

Last time you got something new, did you perform better at the things that will get you ahead? Did you push a harder workout because your new gear had you looking like a pro? Maybe you aced a tough meeting because you wore your top notch suit and shoes. Did you shake more hands and exchange more business cards at a networking event because you were carrying a killer new bag? Did you spend more time practicing and playing increasingly beautiful music when you got a new instrument? I bet you can say yes to one of these or think up a personal situation where you pushed yourself to live up to the reputation set by your ‘stuff’.

I assume you’ve got big goals or you wouldn’t be reading this. So, what new stuff will get as a preward (yup that’s pre-reward… Cuz you’re gonna work for it after you get it). What one item can you afford to invest in now to raise your game by ensuring that you’ve got stuff today that you didn’t have yesterday. You can’t buy success, but you can invest in one small item that boosts your confidence and drives you to live up to an image. Your purchases don’t need to be (and shouldn’t all be) material. What book is your successful self reading? What type of conference events does your successful self go to? What would people see if they saw you at your most successful? Choose what success looks like to you and go after it!!

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