Recipe to Achieve Your Goals

  Get serious about your goals today with an easy 3-ingredient recipe.

1 clear goal and a deep personal understanding of WHY you need to achieve it.

1 clear deadline, well-measured and folded into to your clear understanding of WHY you need to achieve your goal.

1-3 critical consequences of achieving or missing your goal. * Carefully weigh the positive consequences of achieving your goal on time. Sift through the negative consequences of missing your deadline. Select 1-3 critical consequences and beat them into the deeply personal understanding of the importance of your goal.

Immediately schedule your deadline into your calendar.  Next, schedule your positive consequences into the day after your deadline!  You can use positive framing of your negative consequences if needed (ie. “Do not book heart surgery – no need!”).

With your deadline set in your schedule, break your long-term time frame into 3 chunks and set progress marker deadlines where mini-goals need to be achieved to stay on track.

Schedule the key actions you need to take into each day and week in order to meet your first deadline.

Get to work. Take action. Achieve your goals!

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