Knowing What to Share & How to Share What You Know.

Creating Content that Connects!

cropped-final-small3.jpgThank you to Linda Ferguson PH.D. for her invitation
to participate in this “Blog tour” on creating content that connects. Linda has been instrumental in my development this past year as I worked with her to complete my NLP Master Practitioner Certification at NLP CANADA Training.  She is a talented coach and in times of great challenge I call on Linda’s words gently spoken in the moment before a massive leap: “you have done this before”.  Linda has an amazing ability to open us up to the resources we already have and to make us curious about how we can positively integrate our experiences into our current circumstances.

Thank you also to  IC Publishing for creating this fantastic opportunity to share experience and expertise on this Blog Tour.

My life has revolved around teaching and coaching.  From human executive clients to equine athletes, there is a fine balance between asking and telling; while always seeking to find the most effective way to achieve a fast yet lasting result.  Silent, vocal and physical communication come together in a coaching session to set and achieve great goals.  Writing hasn’t been a high-stakes method of coaching communication for most of my career.  When someone asked me “how do I get this information from you before I need it, or when you can’t be here?”, I realized that structured writing would allow me to engage more people and fulfil my life philosophy: knowledge is of no use unless it’s shared.

Knowing What to Share:

When I started writing my BestYourself blog, I was full of ideas based on information that people were consistently asking me for.  When I sifted through the tools that people were requesting, I realized that all of these people were asking for information that would drive personal improvement or development.  I set a clear theme for my blog to ensure I could engage readers and develop a platform that would provide consistency with relevant information.   I continuously look for opportunities to provide appropriate content that meets the skill and motivation needs of my audience.  I strive to share content in my area of expertise and experience.  Many of my posts are still driven by questions asked of me or coaching that I provide in my day to day career.  Others are bright moments I have while spending grueling hours on my bike.  The key question that I’m always looking to answer in my writing is: what can I share that will help people get better results today than they did yesterday.

Keeping Content Consistent:

Setting a clear platform for my blog/brand and sharing a clear definition of that platform has played a critical role in consistency.  I have essentially declared my goal in writing.  My audience knows what to expect in my posts and I take a high accountability to provide relevant, helpful information that I can speak to.  This has been a bit of a thorn in my side because if I don’t have something on hand that  I know is congruent with my promise, I may not have a post for a few weeks.

I am an expert at setting and achieving goals.  Until a goal is written down with a clear driving reason for wanting to achieve the goal, we all get off track.  Being consistent with content is directly supported by the goal that was set and declared when I posted my first article.  I’m in the process of writing my first book and I have created the same type of goal path by opening with a promise as to what will be learned and earned throughout the book.  Know your destination, it may be a moving target, but it will keep you on the straight track to provide consistent content.

How to Share What you Know Through Workshops, Keynotes and Podcasts:

My approach to workshops, keynotes and presentations is to create an experience for the audience that connects each individual with their goals and emotions.  Creating a personal experience that each person can work through in their individual frames and filters provides an exploratory platform that allows for learning on a personal level.  I always start with a goal of what I want to deliver to my audience and I share that intention at the start of each presentation however, I cannot dictate how each person will arrive at that end goal.  One of my favourite quotes is “I can explain it to you, but I can’t understand it for you” ~ unknown.   I tend to lean on some coaching questions, visualization and challenging prompts to lead my audience to explore alternate options.   It’s my goal to allow each participant to have their own realizations, make their own decisions and commit to their next actions.  I love the conversations that happen afterwards!

How to Get Started & Stay Creative Writing a Book:

More on this next year – I’m in the process of writing my first so I’m not sure I should be claiming any expertise here.  As advised by Linda Ferguson “writers WRITE” so pick a topic and start writing.  You’ll figure out which pieces are part of the puzzle you’re working on and which pieces are part of a puzzle from a different box.

Advice to My Younger Self:

I’d tell my younger self that when things go exactly to plan, you learn very little.  When challenges arise lessons are learned and new skills are developed.  When mistakes are made accountability is heightened and personal values are solidified.

My Next Big Step:

I’m working on my first book.  I’m pulling together pieces of my experience, knowledge and expertise in a compilation of workshop-style chapters to help people navigate the goal setting and achievement process on their own terms.

Share your Next Big Steps & Connect to Get Support by visiting me:

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