For Real This Time… Actually Achieve Your Goals!

chalk - write em down

How often have you checked in on your goal progress and made a promise to yourself that you’ll get it together and get on track on Monday?  Next week will be different, right?  Really?

You’ve got big goals.  You’re trying to improve aspects of your life that are important to you.  That’s why you have goals.  You are, like all of us, trying to BestYourself.

So, how about this week we really make a difference and increase your likelihood of success?  There is a ton of information out there indicating that you’re more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down – and it’s true!   There are a few more tricks you can take into this week to that have been proven to increase your potential for victory.

Here is your 5 step plan for securing real progress towards your goals:

  1. Determine your goals and write them down.
    • Be clear with exactly what you want to accomplish, make sure you can measure progress.
    • Mark down when you want to achieve these markers.
  2. Specify the key behaviours you will need to action and write them down.
    • Decide on 3-5 specific behaviours you will need to start doing or stop doing in order to make progress towards your goals.  For assistance here, read Create a Winning Day & Winning is in the Habits.
    • Itemize any replacement activities that you will insert into the time you have been using for any of the behaviours you’ve decided to abandon.
  3. Send your written goals & actions to someone
    • Carefully select a friend, family member, or someone you know will support you at the level you need.
    • For judgement-free accountability share your goals with me at
  4. Set a weekly date to send your selected supporter a progress update
    • You need to commit to being honest in your self-evaluation. For that reason, make sure you’ve carefully selected someone you know will acknowledge your struggles and will meet you where you are with their support.
  5. Commit to rewriting your goals + Action plan & sending it to your supporter each week.
    • You’ll need a new action plan each week depending on how you do with the last week’s plan.
    • Build your weekly plan repeating things that are working – actions you’ve been able to stick to.
    • Give yourself a maximum of 3 weekly plans where you commit to actions that haven’t been working but you really want to find solutions for.
    • Be prepared to strike-out and give-up things that aren’t working and replace them new actions. We all have the best intentions and can be unrealistically idealistic, the key is to find the actions that actually do work for us individually.

Research by Gail Matthews has shown that writing down goals, specifying actions, sharing with a friend, and sharing a self-evaluation with that friend will increase goal achievement outcome.  Each component of this plan plays its own individual part in the motivation, self-efficacy and accountability system.  However, these 5 steps together create action for success that is greater than sum of its parts.

So, how about today, you take some time and send a friend an email, set a calendar reminder for a week from now and make this Monday the day you get it together?  For real, this time!

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