Why Not Right NOW?

Why Not Now

When it comes to setting goals, we are quick.  But when it’s time for action, we postpone and procrastinate.  How many times have you set a goal and then decided to start the actions next Monday, at the beginning of next month or at the start of the New Year?  My question is, why not RIGHT NOW?

It’s normal to want to prepare, mentally, physically & structurally before taking action on a goal.  Our fear is that once we take action, if we aren’t prepared we will fail and the whole deal will fall apart.  However, the bigger risk is not starting at all.  Waiting for the perfect time when you are 100% ready will set you up for a harder fall.  You might not start at all.  Or, you spend time planning and strategizing and finally take action and it’s still just as hard to stick it out and so your small stumbles seem like catastrophic face-plants due to the massive investments you’ve made in readiness.  If you’re super-ready and you still fumble… then what?

So why not just get started?  No matter what your goal is, you can make a huge impact in just one week if you start today.  Spend 1hr/day doing something that is an ACTION for your goals and that’s just 4% of your time each day.  Just 4% of your time in one week can give you a massive return on your investment.

  • 7 hours of exercise = 1-3 lbs lost depending on how hard you work, but if you just lace up your shoes, you’re likely to go all out and bring-it!!
  • 7 hours of dedication to a craft project is a massive contribution that yields noticeable progress in your week, increases your feelings of success and gives you something to step back and look at with a smile on your face.
  • 7 hours of undivided attention given to a loved one can improve your relationship, boost their self-confidence, and increase mental wellness for both of you!
  • 7 hours invested in ME time can help you calm your mind, recharge your batteries and better understand your own needs. Yoga, reading, walking, whatever you consider ME time.
  • 7 hours spent shopping/cooking means you and your loved ones are fueling your bodies with quality meals and are physically and mentally set-up for happiness and success. If you like cooking, this can double as ME time – if you don’t love cooking call in some help from a loved one and make this the quality time you spend together enriching yourselves.

7 hours in a week, just 4% of your time doing SOMETHING that will move you towards your goals is a small investment with massive, immediate returns.  The key is, don’t spend the 7 hours planning what you’ll do when you start your plan next week, next month, next year.  Spend time RIGHT NOW to take action and make an impact.

If you’ve only got 30 minutes a day, USE IT!  15 minutes will do if you need it to.  But whatever you do, invest in ACTION. One small improvement a day is all you need. Don’t wait until you’re ready, do it NOW & BestYourself!

If you’re having trouble getting moving, figure out how to Turn On YOUR Light and develop a strategy for motivation & action!

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