Prove It!

can could canWhen a child says “I can’t do ____” everyone rushes to prove to the child that they are much more capable than they believe.  When an adult says “I can’t do___” we shrug it off.  But, when an adults says “I CAN do ___” we challenge them to prove it.

What happened to bolstering beliefs and challenging limits, to applauding accomplishments while cultivating resources for challenges?  How is it that we cross over from the child who is being held up to crash through their glass ceilings and transform to the adult who is challenged to dance and stomp atop what others believe to be their glass ceiling to prove that it won’t shatter?

When you’ve got goals to achieve, which we all do, there has to be some personal adult ownership over your “I can’t do ____” statements.  If you take some time to build some self-belief and change your language, it may be the best, most productive few minutes you spend.  Take a specific challenge you have ahead of you.  Pick one that right now would fall into the “I can’t do____” category.  And follow these quick steps.

  1. Write down “I could do ______ , IF”
  2. Next write down 3 circumstances (your IFs) that would need to be true for you to be able to accomplish this challenge.
  3. Beside each of the 3 circumstances you’ve identified, write down 3 actions you can take immediately that would move you towards creating that circumstance for yourself.
  4. Now choose one action from each of the lists that you will tackle first and schedule it in as soon as you can.
  5. As soon as you have finished one action from the list, schedule and complete the next one. Continue until you have created the circumstances that will enable you to say “I can do ___”.

You have now successfully identified and gathered resources to change your circumstances.  This will help you change your “I can’t” into an “I could, if…” and finally to an “I CAN”

Be ready to be challenged by your peers!  Because as an adult, as soon as you say “I can do___” someone is going to challenge you to prove it.  Sometimes this is what holds us back from sharing our goals and personal challenges with others.  But this time, you’re ready to prove what’s possible to yourself, to your challengers and to someone else who is still stuck at “I can’t”

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