The Gift of Retrospect

Look BackAs we approach the new year and the ever-cyclical setting of goals and resolutions, it’s easy to count-up the things that haven’t been accomplished since this time last year.  It’s disappointing to look at lists of goals set for the current year that are often far from complete.  The disappointment leads to excuses and validation of the missed commitments.  This is a particularly risky time of year to be feeling low esteem.  Activity levels tend to drop and we’re tempted by excess food & alcohol consumption.  This is a recipe for self-sabotage and ultimately leads us away from our goals to improve.

So, let’s change the way we look at our year.  Instead of looking for the missed expectations,  let’s give ourselves the gift of retrospect & look for the moments of brilliance and personal achievement.  When you can find five landmark wins in your year, you’re on track and making progress.  But don’t stop at five, keep searching for the unexpected moments of success, the small wins.  Play back the year and see just how much you’ve tackled.

Some things to look for:

  • Changes you made to better your health and fitness
  • Improvements you’ve made in contributing to your family
  • Progress in your career
  • Efforts made to kindle & foster friendships
  • Skills you’ve learned
  • Moments you’ve shared with a loved one
  • A recipe you made for the first time that actually turned out well!
  • Time you invested to help someone else and better their circumstances
  • Experiences that renewed you
  • Challenges that strengthened you
  • A time that you were more patient with someone who needed you to be
  • A situation where you changed your normal reaction/communication to build a relationship
  • Moments that made you smile – from the heart

Once you’ve built your list and you’re feeling confident that you really have made progress this year, take some time to inventory the true effects of your wins from this past year.  How will this year’s wins help you with your new goals?

Take stock:

  • What new skills do you have?
  • What tasks are you now more confident with?
  • Where are you stronger physically & mentally?
  • How have your relationships growth to increase the support you have?
  • What have you learned about yourself to help you with self-awareness?
  • What new tools do you have to deal with upcoming challenges?
  • What new wicked recipe do you know how to cook??

See?  You really did Best Yourself!!

With a solid review of your wins from the year and the associated skills and strengths that you have acquired, you are now ready to set your goals for the upcoming year with confidence and optimism.  Just remember to Scrap the Resolutions & Take on a Challenge.

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