How you talk to yourself matters

How are you talking to yourself?  Taking a moment to change the way you communicate with yourself both silently and out loud, can change your day for the better.

Ever heard the statement “your perception is your reality”?  There is no circumstance in which this is more true than in your self judgement. Your internal dialogue sets your mood, your energy, your confidence levels and amazingly, your outcomes!

So much of our internal dialogue leaks into our beliefs, our behaviours and our results. Henry Ford told us “Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right”. And the thing is, it really is about our THOUGHTS!

How many times have you worried about something that didn’t even happen? We can send ourselves into the spiralling abyss of anxiety, stress and panic with our thoughts. Even the most irrational thoughts can have incredible impact on our behaviours, causing us to waste time, damage relationships and jeopardize our health.

On the positive, our thoughts can also catapult us towards success. When we create optimism and our confidence is high, our beliefs support behaviours that lead us to incredible results. We boldly ask a tough but necessary question, we present information with greater conviction and inspire others, we DO great things because our thoughts are positive.

You can’t always control the thoughts that pop into your mind space, but you can decide on the dialogue you’ll have with yourself. Your positive vs negative word choices matter as you analyze and respond to your thoughts.  How you speak about yourself to others will drive your actions and the way others treat you.  Your comments to yourself in the mirror make a difference. 

So, how do you want to talk to yourself today?

As you launch into a week filled with big possibilities take a moment to set yourself up for success.  Find 3 positive words that you will use daily to:

– describe yourself

– evaluate your intelligence

– outline your potential

– define your impact

Be good to yourself and get better results everywhere.  Speak positively to yourself and see your relationships improve. Impact yourself with positive self talk.

One word at a time, bestyourself.


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