Look forward and make great choices today.

Navigating life can be tough. Our decisions at every point are critical and so often it’s hard to know what the best move is. So what if we flip an old technique upside down and go forward instead of backwards? 
In many forms of coaching, therapy and behaviour reconciliation we are asked to look back at our younger selves and have a conversation. Often presented as “if you could go back to and have a conversation with your younger self, at that time of struggle, what would you tell yourself based on what you know now?” While this is helpful in acceptance and perspective shifts, it doesn’t always empower today’s actions. 

What if instead, while you’re making decisions today, you look forward? Think about yourself 5-10 years from now. Depending on the decision you’re making, a week might be far enough ahead. What would you like to look back on as the decision you made today? What action will you be proud of? Which choice will bring you the greatest fulfillment for your future? 

While we can’t actually go back and change our past decisions, we can make well thought-out and positively impactful decisions today. But first, you need to know what you want for yourself in 1 week, 1 year or 5-10 years. A journey without a destination is just a bunch of choices as to which turns you’ll make. Often this has us spinning in circles and totally lost. 

Take some time to set clear goals  and put your future-self in the navigator seat.  

As you navigate your daily decisions, consider the person you want to be when you look back at your current self and give props to hard work, strong effort and great decisions!

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